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Club Mission

Our Club's mission is to provide a safe environment where players develop basic soccer skills and learn to enjoy the game. We understand that kids play sports to be with their friends and have fun. Our focus is on participation, sportsmanship and respect for the game. Our Club believes this focus will serve our players, coaches and parents long after they leave the field.

Goal Statement

Our goal is to create a culture where kids love to play the game. They look forward to practices and games as fun times and the joy they find in playing will last a lifetime.

Our players are proud to have their families and friends see them play. Knowing they are an integral part of the team contributes to this proud feeling; their coaches are supportive and do not embarrass them in front of spectators or other players. Our players are confident that adults are supportive and will not confront the officials over questionable calls or dishonor their opponents in any way. Our Coaches, Players and Parents know that player improvement makes them winners, not the final score.

Our Coaches feel the responsibility to teach their players skills and strategy and a respect for the game. Our Coaches teach players to focus on their effort and personal improvement, and help them recognize that mistakes are inevitable and an important part of the learning process.

Our positive culture encourages athletes to play multiple sports and never pressures a player to specialize in one sport. Parents and Coaches do not solely focus on winning, realizing that what might give them the best winning percentage is not always the same as what is in the players' best interest.

All involved with Our Club realize what a special time this is and look at their involvement as a privilege. We all realize that sports provide a time when we get to interact with people outside our immediate circle, and come to cherish this time. Everyone involved realize that soccer is - after all - only a game and by our actions we show our understanding that sports should be fun and friendly for all involved.