Important to remember....

All SRS soccer games are governed by the FIFA/US Soccer Laws of the Game 2015-2016:
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SRS Age Group Game exceptions to the FIFA/Soccer laws of the Game can be found here:
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Please review the SRS Referee Cheat Sheet before each game

The attached two YouTube videos explains two of the most misunderstood Laws in the game of soccer. I also detailed Law 4 - The Player's Equipment (i.e. "No Jewelry" policy).
Law 11 - Offside

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct (i.e. Handling of the ball)

Law 4 - No Jewelry
"A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry)."

The Laws of the Game are very specific concerning jewelry - namely, that jewelry is not allowed. Other than the two exceptions mentioned below referees may not alter this law in any arbitrary way. Jewelry must be removed, not just covered up (as with tape on earrings). Friendship bracelets or the "Lance Armstrong" type of bracelets provide a potential danger to other players and must be removed. Rings of any kind are not allowed. All visible body piercings which contain earring-like devices are also not allowed.

There are exceptions to the Law. Religious or medical necklaces or bracelets may be worn if properly protected. Necklaces must be tucked inside the jersey and taped to the inside of the jersey. Medical alert bracelets are the only bracelets allowed and they must be completely taped to the wrist.

Since safety is the number one concern of referees it is imperative that Law 4 be strictly enforced. FIFA, USSF and SRS want Law 4 to be enforced. The Laws of the Game state it, the parents expect it, and the players deserve it.


SRS Referee Rating System:
Each referee receives a "Referee Rating" labeled "Difficulty Rating" in GameOfficials. One's Difficulty Rating allows a referee the ability to View, Request and Work specific Age Group games. Difficulty Ratings are based on:
- Actual number of soccer seasons worked for SRYSC
- Actual game experience with SRS
- Age
- An evaluation of your referee abilities (by head referee)
. Practical knowledge of the Laws of the Game while working an actual game
. Knowledge of SRS Age Group specific rules
. Physical conditioning
. Field/Game presence

SRS Difficulty Ratings in GameOfficials:
3 out of 6 - U10 games and below
4 out of 6 - U12 games and below
5 out of 6 -U14 games and below
6 out of 6 - U19 games and below
Initially, every referee is given a "3 out of 6" Difficulty Rating. To qualify for a "4 out of 6" Difficulty Rating, a referee must work two full seasons for SRYSC.

Referee Warnings & Suspensions:
Uniform & Equipment Violation:
- 1st offense = warning
- 2nd offense = 2-week suspension
- 3rd offense = 4-week suspension
- 4th offense = season suspension

No Show without Notice (Call, Voice-mail or text message):
- 1st offense = 2-week suspension
- 2nd offense = Season suspension

Asking a non-USSF Licensed Referee to Work for you
- 1st offense = 2-week suspension (season suspension for non-licensed Referee)
- 2nd offense = Season suspension

Conduct or behavior unbecoming for a Referee:
- Season suspension


Click here for a copy of the "Cheat Sheet". This document is a single page containing information about the setup (# of players, field size, game structure etc.) for each Age Group.
Cheat Sheet

  • San Rafael Field Conditions


    Davidson = open
    Glenwood = closed
    Pickleweed = closed
    San Rafael HS = closed
    Venetia Valley = closed

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