- SRS manages all referee game assignments via GameOfficials Games will NOT be assigned to a referee based on an email message requesting games.
- A valid USSF Referee License ID is required to work as a referee for SRS. USSF Referee License ID renewal instructions can be found on GameOfficials or CNRA
- Please configure your GameOfficials account to send text message notifications to your cell phone. This feature will allow you to ACCEPT and DECLINE game assignments via TEXT message (or EMAIL).
- Games are assigned using FIFA (i.e. First In, First Assigned), Referee Ratings and Referee Ages. [Referees must be two years older than the Age Group. For example, a 13-year old referee can work U11 games and below.]
- You will have 48-hours to ACCEPT your assigned games(s) otherwise Game Officials will automatically DECLINE your game assignments for you.
- If you do not receive a game assignment one week, you will have priority the following week.
- If you cannot make your game assignment for any reason, you are responsible to find your replacement. If you cannot find a replacement, please call/text/email Kenny Lopez ASAP or call 510-449-6764.

Option to receive "real time" text messages for all new game assignments and game changes:
On the left side of your GameOfficials home page, click:
-My Info
-Cell / Pager / Email Notices
-Device / Carrier (enter your service provider in the drop down)
-Phone # (Enter the your area code and phone number in the box. For example, enter 4155551212 if your number is 415-555-1212)
-Notice Type - check all 4 Notification boxes
(*)New Game Assignment(One notice per game)
(*)Game Detail Change(Date, Time, Location)
(*)Game Cancelled(all)
(*)Unassigned From Game(Removed from assignment)
-At bottom of page, hit "save"
That's it! Once set up , a "real time" text message will be sent to your mobile device in addition to your standard email account(s).

Help with GameOfficials via YouTube:
GameOfficials - Login and Forgot Password

GameOfficials - Availability

GameOfficials - Self Assign

GameOfficials - Adding to Calendar

USSF ID: if you have tried "forgotussfid" and cannot find your USSF ID, contact:
Registration Administrator Mark Bailey (916) 923-8572

Referee Game Pay:
SRS pay-per-game can be found on under "Group Maint/Game Pay".

In case of rain or lightning:
Call the SRS Field Hot Line (415) 454-4566.
Any questions, please contact Kenny Lopez.
Phone: 510-449-6764


1. Current USSF Referee Badge. You are required to wear a current Badge when working as a soccer referee for SRYSC.

2. Carry your USSF Referee ID card with you at all times

3. Yellow & Black Referee Jersey (long or short sleeved)
- On a cold day, you may wear a BLACK SHIRT under your referee jersey but it must match the sleeve length (i.e. short sleeve to short sleeve, long sleeve to long sleeve).
- During a game, your referee jersey must be tucked into your shorts.
- DO NOT tie the bottom of referee jersey into a knot so that your jersey rides above your shorts.

4. Plain Black Referee Shorts
- No logos
- Black sweats or black pants are unacceptable.

5. Three-striped knee-length Referee socks
- Any other color socks are unacceptable.
- You must wear socks.
- Socks must be pulled up to the bottom of your knees.

6. No hats, sunglasses or jewelry. Exceptions are listed in the FIFA/US Soccer Laws of the Game.

7. Equipment
- Watch (Using a cell/smart phone as a watch is unacceptable.)
- Whistle
- Coin
- Pen or pencil
- Referee Yellow & Red cards
- SRS Game Card (1 per game)
- MISA Referees - assistant referee flags

SRS provides uniforms for our own club players, please contact Kenny if you did not receive one.
Phone: 510. 449 6764

  • San Rafael Field Conditions


    Davidson = open
    Glenwood = closed
    Pickleweed = closed
    San Rafael HS = closed
    Venetia Valley = closed

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    MISA Fields are on the MISA website for all 9 clubs.