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Recreational Soccer

San Rafael Soccer is a Recreational soccer league. Don't be mislead by the name. Our players are competitive and competition is an important part of what we do.

That said, our focus is on player development and player participation. Every player, new or experienced, gets to play!! We try to create teams with equal numbers of players at all skill levels so that there is parity between the teams. We strive to make sure that every player plays the same amount of time and that all players get to experience all positions.

The focus is directly on player development. We want to make sure that all of our players get to play a lot, have a lot of fun and improve their soccer skills in the process.

Our older age groups (U12 and up) do participate in the MISA soccer league in the fall. These players compete against teams from other clubs in Marin and there is a playoff tournament and championship game at the end of the season.

Rec vs Competitive at a glance

For a comparison of Recreational and Competitive soccer, please read "Rec. vs Comp. at a glance Comparison Chart." Also, for a document on questions to ask when considering a competitive soccer program please read: "10 Important Questions to ask a Competitive Soccer Program."

Competitive Soccer

Competitive Soccer shares many of the same ideals and goals as Recreational Soccer. There are also some key differences you should be aware of as you explore your child's soccer future.

Competitive soccer requires a larger time and higher cost commitment. Practice time, number of games, length of season and travel requirements all increase and you can expect to pay 4-6 times more in fees and out of pocket expenses than you pay as a member of Our Club.

In addition, there are tryouts and cuts and teams are selected by paid coaches and paid staff. Playing time is up to the Coach and the soccer environment is generally more intense than that of Our Club. For some children the competitive environment is a good fit and thrive - for others it can have the opposite effect.

As you consider what is best for your child and your family make sure you are informed. Take the time to talk to friends who have had good and not so good experiences with "Select" sports and apply this information to the needs of your child. And don't forget to talk it over with your child and ask them what they want as they are the ones who will be most effected by whatever your family decides.


Marin County

Here are some links to competitive soccer clubs in Marin County. Contact individual clubs for specific information.

Novato Youth Soccer
Marin FC
Northern Marin United
Mill Valley Soccer Club
West Marin Youth Soccer

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